Epidemium cancer mortality rate prediction (2nd RAMP), initial single-day RAMP 2016
Djalel Benbouzid, Edouard Debonneuil, Frédéric Kozlowski
Cancer Baseline contributors


In this second episode of Epidemium RAMP, we focus on cancers of the digestive tract. We propose to build predictive models of the evolution of such cancers, to project their evolution over time and to reveal some of the determinants. As some cancers reach different organs, do they maintain epidemiological links? In particular, challengers will investigate the existence of statistical correlations between the epidemiology of a wide typology of cancer and mortality from digestive cancers. The goal of this challenge is to predict the different mortality rates of the cancers related to the digestive systems and to mine the different interactions these cancers might have with other types of cancers.
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