RAMP history

The RAMP software packages were developed by the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science (CDS) to connect data science to domain sciences. The original aim was to enable efficient collaborative prototyping of machine learning workflows in order to solve the data analytics segment of high-impact science problems. We then realized that it is equally valuable for training novice data scientists, networking and obtaining data on the way data scientists work and collaborate with each other.

The RAMP software has been used in many data challenge events aiming to solve predictive problems in science domains ranging from medicine to astrophysics. Data challenge events generally result in a model with significant predictive improvement over the baseline, which is very useful to domain scientists.

RAMP usage


RAMP challenge events

Notable RAMP challenges

A complete list of existing RAMP challenges can be found on the RAMP starting kits Github repository.



The CDS is able to host a limited number of events, challenges, or course projects, organized outside the CDS. Contact us if you are interested.