RAMP for teaching support

The RAMP tool has been used for teaching various data science themes on various data domains in dozen courses at various levels. Students usually love the platform for
  • its competitive gaming aspect,
  • being able to learn from each other in the open phase, and
  • to compete as a group with other student groups on the same problem.
Contact us by email at admin@ramp.studio if you are interested in using the platform in your classroom.

We can open a new event on any of the running RAMPs. You can choose them from this list, or from the list of data science themes or data domains. You will have full control over

  • choosing the problem,
  • the users who can sign up for the classroom event, and
  • the timeline of opening the challenge, passing from closed to open code, and to finish the challenge.
At the end of your challenge we will give you a csv file with the various performance metrics of each student.

We may also consider adding a new data set and problem. Let us know if this is what you have in mind.